Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS/PCOD)-Its Cause, Symptoms, Reasons and Home Medications.

by Wisehealths

Posted on 2019-05-27


Nowadays we can not properly care for our health Due to the adventurous, busy and stressful lifestyle. This causes many problems ... and one of them is PCOS/PCOD - nowadays, one in ten women is the victim of PCOS/PCOD and therefore it is very important to have awareness and information about it. So today, we talk about this.

what is PCOS/PCOD?

"Polycystic ovary syndrome" or "polycystic ovary disorder" is a medical condition that is commonly found in the reproductive age due to the hormonal imbalance in women. In this, the male hormone - "androgen" - increases the level of the female body and becomes more than one symptom on the ovaries.

What are its symptoms?

Many times its symptoms appear externally and many times are not known. But these are some of the signs that point to the disease - increasing weight, irregular periods, having extra hair growth on the body and face, acne, acne, and oily skin, sudden loss of hair, loss of hair, pelvic pain Many Signs on Overy Apart from this, imbalance of high blood pressure, diabetes and other hormones may also be on the increase. It is also difficult for the woman to become pregnant when the condition is more serious.

What are the reasons for PCOS/PCOD?

Well, no concrete reason has been known, but it is also genetically also passed and it increases the chances of getting it even when weighing much more. This problem can also be due to excess stress.

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS/PCOD)

What to do when a PCOS/PCOD?

If you are a victim of the symptoms mentioned above, immediately contact the doctor. Also, make sure to get diabetes and thyroid test as any woman who is suffering from PCOS PCOD increases the chances of having diabetes - and due to the high insulin level, ovaries start making more male hormones - and because of this, high BP, Chances of high cholesterol and heart diseases increase.

Home remedies for removing PCOS/PCOD

Take these remedies at home as well as taking doctors advice and medicines ... so that you get rid of this soon. These are some magical natural measures-


 This is very helpful in removing the problem of your irregular period. Drink a teaspoon cinnamon powder in hot water and drink it. If you wish, you can drink or drink it by mixing it in your cereal, oatmeal, curd or tea. Eat it daily, until you get results.


 flaxseed reduces the level of androgen in the body, reduces cholesterol, BP and prevents heart diseases. Drink 1-2 tbsp of freshly mixed powdered linseed water in water. Drink it daily until you start getting results.


  These help to balance the hormones, reduce cholesterol levels, and also work well in reducing weight. Soak three tsp methaidane for 7-8 hours in water. Then eat the empty stomach in the morning with a teaspoon soaked fenugreek honey and eat it. Likewise, eat one-to-one tbsp lunch and dinner 10 minutes before. Do this for a few months until you get the results you want.

Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any recipe.

Do not forget these important things-

Control the weight - If you have a high weight then control it, because the problem of PCOS becomes serious in overweight people. Reducing weight will reduce the levels of androgen and other problems and periods will also come in regular form. If this is causing problems for you being pregnant then by reducing weight, this problem can also be overcome, so weight loss is very important.

Regular Exercise - Walk, swimming, jogging, cycling, etc. Do any type of workout regularly. Apart from this, you can also, do pranayama and meditation for being stress-free. With weight loss, it will keep the body healthy and stress-free.

Choose the right lifestyle - smoking, alcohol, cold drinks, junk food, caffeine ... stay away from all this because it dehydrates the body and damages the other. Get up early and sleep well.

Take care of food - include omega-3 foods rich in fatty acids such as linseed, fish, walnuts, etc. Along with that, please include Vitamin B (especially vitamin B2, B3, B5, and B6) in your diet, definitely include Whole grains, nuts, fresh seasonal fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet. Drink at least 3 liters of water in a day.

Take these remedies at home and doing anything as well as taking doctors advice and medicines.
So Ladies! Now instead of being afraid of this disease, bring these small changes to your lifestyle and compete with it.